Carolina Power Tumbling is located in Powdersville, SC. We are positioned in the center of a lot of populated areas and are a short drive for many different towns and cities. We have a fully air conditioned and heated 6,300 square foot training facility. We have all of the training equipment and space needed to provide each athlete with top notch coaching.

Training Area

We have several areas for training in our facility. We have a full size competitive spring floor and another large area for training. There are two in ground trampolines. One of which is a 50' tumble track, that enables athletes to work on connecting and throwing beginner to advanced skills. The tumble track leads into an in ground 16' X24' resi pit (a super soft marsh mellow like landing surface) which gives the athlete a safe place to land when landing any skill. The other in ground trampoline is a regulation gymnastics tramp. There are also many specialty skills shapes and mats available for the athletes to perform drills and skills on.

Viewing Area

We have an open viewing area with plenty of seating available for you to watch your child tumble. We have several beverages and snacks available for purchase. We also have a nice cold water fountain for the athlete's and your convenience. We have a large girls bathroom with several stalls and plenty of room for your child to change clothes if necassary. We also have a separate boys bathroom available as well. To enhance your experience during your visit, we have free WiFi available and children's play area equipped with blocks, coloring books, crayons, beanie babies, and books to read. This will keep siblings busy and the time flies by for the parent. We hope you enjoy your experience and look forward to seeing you all each week!


Contact us for further information.864.616.2525