At Carolina Power Tumbling, we coach each athlete to fit his or her needs. We understand that every athlete progresses a different rate. We will not rush anyone into a skill that they are not prepared to learn. We strive on teaching proper technique in a fun and safe environment to progress the athletes at the proper rate. In order to throw higher, more advanced skills, the athlete needs to be physically AND mentally prepared to do so. Trust the coaches, trust the process, and your child will progress to more advanced skills.

We provide tumbling instruction primarily to cheerleaders. But no matter what sport your child is involved in, tumbling provides a great athletic foundation.

If your child is planning on trying out for their middle school, high school, or all star team, we can help provide them with the fundamentals that are required.

Every Friday night 6:15pm-9:15pm we make the gym available to gym members and non gym members for open gym play. The children can hang with friends or practice.

On any given Saturday morning or afternoon, you can schedule your child's birthday party at our facility with a  "Fun Gym Style" party. Non gym members are included!

Why train with us?

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Our 8 WEEK session of cheer, flexibility, and stunt classes is coming soon!

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